How to Download Videos for free

Step-by-Step Guide to Get Started with Free Video Converter

How to Download Videos from 300+ Video Sharing Websites?

What will you do when some online videos are of your interest and just watching them on line can not satisfy your needs? With Video Convert Factory Free, it couldn't be better that these wonderful videos can be downloaded for free and you can enjoy them anytime anywhere you want.

  • 1
    Input Video URL
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    Choose Format for Videos Downloaded
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    Specify Output Folder
  • 4
    Start Video Download

Input Video URL

Click "Video Downloader" tab and in the bar of "Link", enter the video URL. Then choose the link type from "Link type" and click "Add".

To add links from other ways, click "Add Link":

"Add a link" is for a single video or audio, enter the URL in the popped up window and click "OK";

"Add links in batch" is for more videos, enter the links (one link per line) in activated window and click "OK";

"Add playlist/user" is for videos from playlist or user, enter the URL of the playlist or user in popped up window and click "OK";

"Add playlists/users in batch" is for multiple playlists or users, input the links (one link per line) in activated window and click "OK";

"Import links from a text file" is for importing URLs from text file, choose the text file containing URLs (one link per line) in popped up window and then click "Open".

For websites which require logins for video downloading, click "Password" and input the correct username and password in "Username" & "Password", then click "Add".

Choose Format for Videos Downloaded

Once the URL is input, kinds of links of all video formats from any specific website will be listed in the menu of "Format" along with the video thumbnail and detailed info like resolution, codec, framerate, size, etc. Choose a desired format for the videos to be downloaded. To preview the video by "Preview" and to delete download tasks from the list, click "Clear All".

Specify Output Folder

To specify the output path for downloaded videos, click "Browse" and choose an output folder in the activated window. You are also allowed to choose the post-download actions in "Post-encode action": "Close", "Open Output Folder", "Shutdown PC/Log off/Restart" and "Nothing".

Start Video Download

When all settings well - prepared, click "Download" to start video download. During the process, a progress bar and some details will be provided. To stop download, click "Stop". To directly find the downloaded videos when the download is complete, use "Open". To view the log report, click "Logs". If there is a need to convert the downloaded video files to other formats, please check the tutorial: How to Convert Video Files.

More Tools Available

Click "Settings" and in "Video Downloader" tab, more advanced settings are provided to feed your needs: set max parallel downloads; download audio when a "DASH" video is selected; don't download again if local file contains the same video; don't load thumbs.


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